LG posted its second quarter earnings earlier today, in which the company revealed that a new phone in the V series will make its debut later this quarter. While LG didn't name the device, it is likely that it'll be called the V20.

LG V20

LG didn't specify a launch date, but rumors suggest that the phone will be unveiled sometime in the month of September, barely 10 months after the LG V10 hit store shelves. The expedited timeline may have something to do with the company's mobile business, which recorded a loss of $132 million this quarter and $170 million in Q1 2016. Samsung's decision to unveil the Galaxy Note 7 on August 2 may also have played a part.

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Either way, the V20 is coming this quarter, most likely in the month of September. With the LG G5 failing to meet expectations, LG needs a strong contender to the Note 7 in the V20. Last year's V10 was a decent phone in many regards, but LG wasn't able to translate that to strong sales. Here's hoping the brand does better this year.

What do you guys want to see in the LG V20?