LG teases new lightweight, more advanced TONE+ neckband headset for CES 2016

LG has teased a new set of TONE+ headphones ahead of the official announcement which will come at CES 2016. The HBS-910 is promised to deliver top-quality audio in a lightweight and comfortable design. Featuring dual microphones, this new TONE headset will not only cancel out ambient audio but it will also record your voice in higher quality.

As well as improved microphones, a slimmer form factor, and enhanced audio output for listening to music (thanks to the newly added Advanced Quad Layer diaphragm for richer and clearer bass and treble), LG has also managed to pack in some additional features like Tone & Talk that will have your smartphone read out incoming messages.

LG plans to launch the new TONE+ headset in February 2016 in Korea, followed by Asia, Europe, Latin America, Europe, and the U.S. Availability will include black, pink and white options, though LG has failed to provide any hint as to what the price may be at launch. We look forward to seeing what Lg has to show off at CES, especially since this is quite the popular line of headsets.

Source: LG

Rich Edmonds