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LG publishes patents for two foldable phone concepts

The mobile industry has been dreaming about folding smartphones for years at this point, but in 2018, we're closer to this becoming a reality than ever before. New details recently emerged about Samsung's "Galaxy X" foldable phone, and following this, new patents have been discovered for two folding phone concepts that LG has in the works.

Looking at LG's first concept, the device is made out of two individual bodies that house a single screen. You get a full, tablet-like display when the phone is open, but when you close it, you end up with a very narrow candy-bar shape. A second screen on the front shows information like the time and weather when it's closed, and on the back is a camera module.

The second version is mostly the same, but a back panel moves to the side to reveal a small transparent section of the main display that's used for notifications, time, date, etc.

LG's patents certainly look interesting and are likely the way of the future, but it's unclear if/when these will ever come to market. The patents were first filed back in July of 2017 before being published this month, and while that could be a sign that LG is ready to move forward with them, only time will tell if this turns out to be true.

If you had to choose between one of these two concepts as LG's foldable phone design, which do you prefer and why?

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Joe Maring was a Senior Editor for Android Central between 2017 and 2021. You can reach him on Twitter at @JoeMaring1.

  • Can't wait. This is going to be fun
  • This looks much better than the Samsung patents. I will definitely be skipping this year phones and look forward to 2019. I hope MS, LG, Samsung & even Apple take their time doing them right. Be the end of small frame tablets as they suck in their current status IMHO.
  • If Samsung next publishes concept for a brick, LG will follow them blindly. Anything Samsung does we can expect LG to follow them soon.
  • Pretty much what Samsung have been doing from other manufacturers for years
  • And how is this any different from anything Samsung has done?
  • They cancelled on the G7 release, this probably won't happen.
  • Maybe the reason why they cancelled it.
  • This is much better than that Samsung bendable phone they're looking to release. The first drawing is very much what if be looking for in a foldable device personally.
  • Wouldn't surprise me if this is based off Apples patent that was submitted back in November for a radical 'book' device. Not to mention Apple is already working with LG display and LG innotek for the bendable displays and bendable circuitry for their foldable phone.
  • There we are, back to normal.
  • The LG patent is the best foldable concept I have seen so far.