Korean manufacturer wants to go toe-to-toe with competitive new products

Alongside the Korean launch of its latest handset, the G Pro 2, LG executives spoke to the change in the smartphone market now that Lenovo plans to purchase Motorola. Despite the bump in market share Lenovo gains from adding Motorola sales to its business, LG isn't worried about the soon-combined companies. Kim Jong Hoon, head of product at LG mobile, said:

"There are many talks over Lenovo and Motorola in the media right now and how it affects LG, but internally, we aren't discussing much about it."

Further, LG has a plan to regain third place in the global smartphone market by the end of the year — it currently sits in fourth place with roughly five percent of shipments. Seeing LG's recent device portfolio, including the just-announced G Pro 2, you can see that the Korean manufacturer intends to go head-to-head with the other leading smartphone makers. Only time will tell if it can fend off a combined Lenovo-Motorola with confident leadership that is poised to grow if it plays its cards right.

Source: ZDNet Korea