LG Music Flow HS8

LG has launched a curved soundbar in its Music Flow series of connected audio equipment, dubbed the Music Flow HS8 Wireless Curved Sound Bar. Available in Europe starting next week, the HS8 houses a 4.1 channel speaker system with an output of 360W and is compatible with Google Cast.

As the HS8 connects via Wi-Fi, it can also be paired with other Music Flow speakers in the house, allowing you to create a custom multi-room speaker configuration based on your needs. LG mentions that the curved nature of the soundbar — with tweeters located at both ends of the curve — delivers a more immersive sound. There's Bluetooth connectivity as well.

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The soundbar comes with i-Sound Mode, a feature that dynamically changes the audio settings based on the type of content, essentially acting an a built-in equalizer. Google Cast support allows you to cast any music from your smartphone to the speaker, and should you have other Google Cast-compatible speakers, you can customize multi-room playback from a single device.

The HS8 measures 1200mm x 43mm x 82mm and can be mounted on a wall. Pricing and availability information was not revealed, but we should hear more next week once the wireless soundbar starts hitting store shelves in Europe.


Home Viewing Experience with Theater-Quality Surround Sound, Intuitive Controls, Convenience-enhancing Features

SEOUL, August 12, 2015 — The stunningly beautiful Music Flow HS8 Wireless Curved Sound Bar from LG Electronics (LG) is the perfect companion to the company's latest cutting-edge curved TVs. Available to European customers beginning next week, the 360W, 4.1 channel speaker system, does more than just upgrade the home TV viewing experience, it lets users experience audio in a whole new way.

The curved shape of the sound bar is for more than just looks, it contributes to an incredibly immersive experience. The sweet spot has been expanded, as the tweeters are positioned on both sides of the sound bar to expand the range of sound. Design and technology come together to make one of the best surround sound solutions on the market.

The LG HS8 sets itself apart from the competition with its highly dynamic i-Sound Mode. This innovative feature improves the TV experience by adapting its sound settings to match a variety of audio from various types of content. i-Sound is able to instantly interpret exactly what the audience is watching and automatically adjusts the audio output to match the content. The addition of LG's unique, dynamic i-Sound system ensures that television, movies and music sound exactly how they were meant to be experienced.

What's more, the HS8 Curved Sound Bar joins the wireless LG Music Flow collection that are compatible with Google Cast. This incredibly convenient feature allows the HS8 to work flawlessly with most popular streaming music services so that listeners can send music from their smartphone or tablet directly to the sound bar via their home Wi-Fi network. Select music, click the Google Cast icon and the content is instantly sent to the Curved Sound Bar.

With full Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, the LG HS8 can be used to transmit audio content across multiple rooms simultaneously, linking with LG Music Flow speakers to create the perfect listening experience. When multiple speakers are positioned in the same room, the advanced Home Cinema Mode immerses the viewer in a rich, cinematic experience from the comforts of one's couch. As such, Multi-room Mode can be programmed to turn the entire home into one large sound system. Users can control the music in each room with a single mobile device, enabling them to select a playlist for the entire house or choose different songs for each room. Another unique feature of the HS8 is its compatibility with TV remotes from eight popular manufacturers.

"As a company that brought to market stunningly looking curved TVs, it's only natural that we also follow up with a curved audio product to match," said Min Byung-hoon, senior vice president of the LG Home Entertainment Company's Consumer Audio Visual division. "In the digital age, the way consumers listen to music has changed dramatically and LG Music Flow is our response to movie and music lovers' desire for beautiful devices that perform as well as they look."