LG G6 specs: Dual 13MP cameras, 3300mAh battery, Snapdragon 821

The LG G6 isn't pushing the envelope in every spec category, but still has plenty of what you want in a top-end phone today. With a high-res display, dual cameras, fast charging and waterproofing there's lots to like here. Though perhaps some may see downsides in the Snapdragon 821 processor, limited 32GB storage in some regions and wireless charging that's exclusive to the U.S.

Here's the full spec sheet for the LG G6.

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Operating SystemAndroid 7.0 Nougat
Display5.7-inch LCD
Gorilla Glass 3
Dolby Vision, HDR10
ProcessorQualcomm Snapdragon 821 (MSM8996)
Storage32GB (U.S., Europe)
64GB (Asia, Korea, Hong Kong, India, CiS)
ExpandablemicroSD up to 2TB
Camera (Main)13MP (IMX258), 1.12µm pixels, f/1.8, OIS
71-degree lens, phase-detect AF
Camera (Wide)13MP (IMX258), 1.12µm pixels, f/2.4
125-degree lens, fixed focus
Front Camera5MP, f/2.2
100-degree lens
ConnectivityWi-Fi 802.11ac, Bluetooth 4.2 LE, NFC
USB-C 3.1
Audio32-bit Hi-Fi Quad DAC (Asia only)
Quick Charge 3.0
Qi wireless (U.S.)
Water resistanceIP68
SecurityOne-touch fingerprint sensor
Dimensions148.9 x 71.9 x 7.9 mm
ColorsBlack, white, platinum
Andrew Martonik

Andrew was an Executive Editor, U.S. at Android Central between 2012 and 2020.

  • R.I.P. removable battery It's been a nice run
  • My Lumia 950 still has it, thankfully!
  • 7.0 is disappointing
  • Apparently, retail versions get 7.1
  • Lol, y'all crack me up.
  • I just don't understand...32 gig storage in 2017 is not cool. 3300 mAh battery, which is only a fraction larger than the V20 with the same size screen. Then to top it off, they make the quad DAC exclusive to Asia! Why? I was really looking for some good reasons to upgrade from my V20, but this would be a downgrade on multiple areas. 😕
  • They want you to get the v30
  • I was really hoping to leave samsung this year but it wont be for LG apparently. Gonna wait for reviews but i am with you. Battery size is unacceptable. With a bigger battery and the same chip, the s7e barely makes it through a day. and the DAC being on in asia is just a slap to the face lol.
  • It's actually not the same chip. SD 820 vs 821
  • It's not a generation leap. Just a minor bump in performance.
  • lol dude, I had to log in just to cmt on this. Why do you think you can upgrade from V series by going with a G device? V is the luxurious line, so wait till the next V comes out, should have DAC and larger battery and waterproof as well. Because they are trying to cut down the price, LG chooses to leave out DAC; I guess that feature is much cheaper in Asia.
  • How does this only have GG3 when GG5 is already released and on other phones?
  • Some people didn't like GG5.
  • And what about GG4?
  • I'm shocked that it doesn't have 6GB's of RAM.
  • V30 will be on that boat.
  • True that only the DAC in Asia? Seems odd
  • This seems like the Lumia 950 of 2017--extremely safe, to the point of being a disappointment. It doesn't reach the high-end of stuff, it quits on innovating, and it is really bland. There's no reason for me to pick this phone as it is. I'd don't get any unique, cool tech. I don't get the best SoC. I get a very generic offering that is pretty ugly, thanks to that glass back. I was waiting for the G6 because even as the G5 was something of a wreck, I was interested in LG's willingness to be unique and have things to be excited about. Now, they've done the Microsoft thing of barely getting by through copycat ideas. Consider me thoroughly unhappy with the direction taken here.