LG G6 coming to Sprint on April 7 for $708

Last, but not least, Sprint has finally released details on its part in the LG G6 launch. The shiny metal-and-glass smartphone will debut on April 7 at Sprint stores and online for $708.

Sprint is using the G6 launch as a way to herald its network's High Performance User Equipment (HPUE) abilities. What does that mean? To you, dear user, it doesn't mean too much. For the most part, LG is part of a broad range of manufacturers have signed on to this particular 2.5GHz standard, which makes it easier for devices like the G6 to latch on to cell towers.

The G6 also comes equipped with other you-facing features, including Google Assistant, wide-angle cameras, and few gimmicks. If you're looking to jump into a monthly payment plan, Sprint will offer the G6 for $29.50 a month for 24 months. Sprint is also throwing in a free 49-inch LG television, as well as honoring the promotion for Google Home. Interestingly, Sprint's free Google Home offering extends through May 11, compared to LG's original end date of April 30.

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Florence Ion

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  • Wow! The freebiees... wowzies!
  • The G6 is the Government cheese handset. The only way they can or will get sales for that useless flop is giving away freebies. And like typical fools all the low budget bargain basement group discount buyers flock to the freebies. Guess you feel better buying an inferior product cause you need freebies from useless Google or you just like last year's tech in a glass body from 2015. I've been their done that years ago. Enjoy inferiority with the G6 it's going nowhere in 2017.
  • For all we know, the Galaxy S8 could have the same Auto Self Destruct feature Samsung PIONEERED with Galaxy Note7, please STFU with your blind hate. I can say with near certainty that LG G6 will have an absolutely AMAZING camera suite (judging by how amazing LG cameras have been since G4, manual controls and everything.)
  • Waiting to see what T-Mobile brings to the table.👍
  • Found it!
  • I can't seem to find it...?
  • I believe $650 and a free Google Home on T-MOBILE. No TV as far as I know.
  • Yeah... Found it now. I'm tempted for the 650 price tag. Especially since the s8+ is gonna be near 1000.
  • Inferior product it's sad to see people run to the freebies like government cheese and get a crappy handset.
  • Troll is obvious
  • Almost sounds too good to be true. LG 49" TV, Google Home...for free? Lest we forget that the camera on this thing is being mentioned in the same breath as a Pixel. Way to go LG.
  • It's not free LMAO, it's built into the price of the pht
  • So the phone has a value of what, $200 or so?
  • Google really wants their Google Home's out there. 
  • so they can serve you more Beauty and the Beast audio ads
  • Gotta get dat data doe
  • Wonder what the contract pricing will be and if there's any freebies with that.
  • 2.5ghz... Sweet. Last time I used that on Wimax it was crazy fast, at a stadium no less! And if you ever tried to use your internet at a packed stadium, you know it just doesn't work.
  • My experience with WiMAX was different (rocking the original Evo 4G). First experience with it was at a stadium (Progressive field, Cleveland Indians). I was getting around 5mbps. Compared to sprints dialup speed 3G at the time, I was amazed. Once WiMAX came throughout (well, mostly...) the cleveland area I got to use it more often. Best speed I EVER saw with it was 11 to 12mbps. Average speeds were around 7 to 9. Again, at the time it was awesome. But even back then, Tmo was getting those speeds on HSPA. I would have been happy with those speeds, but wimax pretty much never worked indoors unless you were close to a tower. And coverage was very spotty.
  • In the area I`m working in , the 2.5GHZ speed on Sprint Iphone 6s plus over 115 Mbps download and over 8 Mbps upload.
    At the same area I got around 50 Mbps download on OpenSignal.
    I`m working in Southeast Michigan by Romula.
  • A couple blocks away from me at another Tmo tower I regularly see 110Mbps. Tower by my house normally sits around 40 or 50. All very good but honestly, any speed after 25mbps or so is filler on a mobile phone. Most data intensive thing we do on a phone is stream 2k video. Which 25mbps can handle fine. Unlike my desktop PC or consoles which download multi gigabyte patches and updates every few weeks or games that are over 50GB. Unfortunately, due to tether limits, I can't use my 110mbps LTE speeds to get those :-P
  • I just might do this.....
  • Sprint runs out of TVs haha a friend of mine ordered one with his V20 and they didn't give him the TV cause it was out of stock and back ordered... But they did give him a Best buy credit (that didn't cover a comparable TV)
  • I'm on sprint so this is almost a no brainier. Get phone, get freebies, sell freebies, pay off phone. Win.
  • Probably not for current customers.
  • Current customers are also eligible.
  • I don't care how great the LG G6 is, for $708.00 I'll be staying with my very capable Moto G4 which was only $250.00 tricked out. Admittedly I'm not a power user, but you'd be surprised how many folks buy a premium device and don't put it through premium level paces.
  • Some just buy for looks, some have been recommended by their peers and some by carriers. These people technically could get by using a mid range phone. But no they want flagship. I moved to fi from AT&T and I'm using 5x, great phone. And only 250.
  • All of these giveaways are pointless. Just sell the device for between $525-550, and this thing will sell. Even the S7 came with a free VR, micro SD card (I think it was an either/or promotion, not both), etc when it was launched. It shows the manufacturers know the devices are priced too high, so they say "look at all this other stuff we are giving you, with these artificial MSRPs we are assigning to these products! You are robbing us!" But, too many people are more than happy to shell out $700-800+ for these devices all day long. These are the same folks who complain about being broke all the time. Wonder why.