The battery module, which is expected to be part of the company's Magic Slot family of expansion accessories for the LG G5, has been pictured ahead of release. We're only a few days away from seeing the LG G5 be officially announced, but already we have an idea as to what the modules will look like. The leaked pictures fit in comfortably with previous rumors and leaked information.

Unfortunately, that's all we really have to go on. While it's not of the module itself, the box clearly displays what the part will look like and we already have a rough idea as to how the expansion slot will work. The Magic Slot will not only provide access for a battery to be installed, but also a camera module and more.

As always, keep your jar of salt nearby just in case, but do ensure your web browser remains tuned to Android Central as MWC 2016 kicks off. We'll be on the floor providing full coverage of everything LG G5.

Thanks Grant for the tip!