LG's latest flagship handset continues its tradition of back-mounted keys

LG broke the mold last year with the G2, switching from the tried-and-true side-mounted power and volume keys and putting its buttons on the back. And it worked pretty well, allowing the company to slim down its bezels while keeping the main keys relatively accessible. (Though that said, we were less enamored with the inferior design that featured on the Verizon G2.)

Back buttons quickly became a signature LG feature, arriving on devices like the G Flex and G2 Mini, and they're back on the company's 2014 flagship, the LG G3.

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This time the buttons have a slightly rougher texture, which makes it easier to feel where exactly they are. Besides the physical changes, however, you're looking at familiar functionality across the board. The middle button powers on the phone, while the other two control the volume. Take a screenshot on the LG G3 by holding volume down and power together. And you can also use a long press the volume down key when the phone is off to jump straight into the camera app, or use volume up in the same way to access the QMemo+ note-taking app.