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LG G-Slate's features, 3D and all, teased in rough teaser video

What appears to be a rough edit of a teaser video of the upcoming T-Mobile LG G-Slate has hit YouTube, just a week after T-Mobile dropped more details, showing off the basic features of the 8.9-inch Android tablet and giving us one of the better looks at the hardware thus far.

First and foremost, there's the 3D recording capability. We still have no clue how practical this will be, but there it is. You also get a good walkthrough on ports and buttons. Now all we need is some launch and pricing info. Check it out after the break. [Youtube via Engadget]

Youtube link for mobile viewing

  • That looks wicked. Hopefully u can buy with out a contract. And have WiFi unlocked.
  • OMG- that is the primitive 1950's red/blue 3D that requires red/blue glasses and ruins the color of the original video. Are they kidding us???
  • They actually are. It's going to be praralex barrier technology, the same stuff on the Nintendo 3DS. I'm guessing Google/T-Mobile/LG put the old red-and-blue 3D in the teaser video to stress the 3D.
  • the LG slate isnt glasses free 3d. God i hope its not the red-blue headache machine and your right though. that actually turned me off to the 3d capabilities, so maybe they should rethink that.. lol. 10 hr video playback on a charge? niiiiiiiiiiiiice. thats gonna have wicked battery life then.
  • I am so over this 3D craze.
  • Good looking tablet. I really like the Xoom, but if this is cheaper I might get this instead.
  • But nothing about a Micro-SD card. :(
  • 32 gb isn't enough for you?
  • boner
  • Looks like this is comparable to the Xoom. Definitely is purrrrty tho'.
  • No no no nooo lg! That was too soon! Did u see the pinch in and out... terrible! Just terrible... 3d was just too annoying... nothing was clear... all i saw was 2 of him not a fun image to see... maybe a test run and then will see...
  • Won't use Tue 3D much, if ever, but still..... I WANT!!
  • At this point, barring something amazing from HP tomorrow, this is looking like my next tablet if it's at all reasonably priced. 8.9' seems like the right size, and these are some killer specs.