LG Ally joins everyone else, receives maintenance update

There has been a slew of updates for various Android devices recently and the LG Ally (check out our hands-on) didn't want to be left out. The  mid-end Verizon device started receiving a maintenance update last Friday, Sept. 17. Users will get the update over the coming weeks as Verizon continues the OTA. 

According to a Verizon employee in their forums, the update will bring:

  • Enjoy preloaded applications like City ID, Skype,® My Verizon,and Corporate Directory.
  • Updated Backup Assistant application.
  • Enhanced ability to pair Ally with multiple Bluetooth® devices.
  • Improved camera performance.
  • Overall enhancement for Microsoft® Exchange email accounts.
  • Improved device detection when syncing Ally to a PC via USB cable.
  • Operate the Gallery application with improved speed and efficiency.
  • Improved Android¿ operating system security.
  • Enhanced battery life.
  • Improved application responsiveness when opening from home screen.

So if you sport an Ally, be sure to look for the OTA update. For more information and step-by-step instructions, check out: Verizon's Ally page (opens in new tab) [LG Forum] [Verizon Forum] Thanks Michael!

Sean Brunett
  • Oh joy
  • "Enjoy preloaded applications" If ever three words didn't belong together... What are these people smoking?
  • I got the update this morning. The only thing I noticed was more crapware (City ID, Skype,My Verizon,and Corporate Directory)preloaded that you can't uninstall without rooting, to go along with all the other crapware (that you can't uninstall without rooting of course)Verizon already loaded this phone with minimal memory for apps up with.
  • I just got more useless apps which I'll never use and less memory to download what I need. The way this things are going, the LG Ally will soon be obsolete and to get Android 2.2, I'll need to wait until the release of the LG ALLY-2 to hit the streets.
  • SUCKS!!!! My City ID trial just ran out and now after EVERY CALL it asks me to register. And of course you can't remove it.