LG again teases circular display G Watch R ahead of IFA reveal

After teasing a round watch over the weekend, LG has now posted an image of the G Watch R on Facebook, giving us a slightly better look at the upcoming smartwatch. While details regarding the device are slim, LG is slated to unveil the device at the IFA next week.

From the image, we can see that the G Watch R will feature thicker bezels than those on the Moto 360, which is also scheduled to make its debut next week. Seems like the circular watchface is all the rage these days, as Samsung is also rumored to launch a round smartwatch later this year.

Like what you see with the LG G Watch R? Think it can take on the Moto 360? Join the discussion in our forums, and start speculating about the hardware as well as the connected features the smartwatch will likely include. We'll be at the IFA next week and will be brining you a better look at the smartwatch.

Source: Facebook (LG); Via :GSMArena

Update: We've monkeyed around with the G Watch R teaser image a little to bring some of the details out of the shadows. The significantly brightened image below gives a clearer view of what the G Watch R might look like, albeit with some artifacting.

LG G Watch R

Harish Jonnalagadda
Senior Editor - Asia

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