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Lenovo LePhone laLaunches in chChina

Lenovo took a headfirst leap into the mobile market Monday by launching its LePhone. With this entrance into the market, Lenovo expects to expand heavily into the mobile Internet services arena and within five years generate 10 percent to 20 percent of its total revenue strictly from mobile sales. That's quite a goal for a new player in the market, but they've definitely started on the right path by choosing the world's largest cell phone market for the first in what looks to be the first in a series of many phones.

We've pictured it before, and Phil seems to have his doubts about the keyboard, but when was the last time you saw an optional keyboard? I like it. Anyone anxious to see this hit U.S. shores? Let us know in the comments! [PhoneArena]

  • This looks like a bad ass phone I would love to see this phone hit the u.s. I like the keyboard its different..
  • Dear Lenovo -
    Please put a digital TV tuner in this, and release it in Japan. The "gimmiky" keyboard combined with live TV would sell like hotcakes there, and build revenue so that you can join the superphone revolution in the US and Europe. Sincerly,
    A customer who loves your Thinkpads and thinks you could make one hell of a smartphone
  • chChina? What, is David Bowie writing your copy now? ch-ch-ch-ch-China...
  • please leave it in china..
  • I remember the LG Versa had an optional keyboard.
  • Ugly as hell. Needs Android. {{-_-}}