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Lenovo may have a 7-inch Honeycomb tablet up its sleeve

Lenovo is planning a 7-inch Honeycomb tablet, slated to appear in Q4 of this year, according to a leaked slide deck. The leaked slides indicate that the tablet will feature a dual-core ARM processor and a mighty 1280x800 resolution display (which has the potential to look fantastic on a 7-inch Screen). The tablet will run Android 3.0 skinned with Lenovo's UI, a.k.a. “Le OS,” and isn't set to show its face until Q4 of 2011. Lenovo has been hard at work fighting its way onto the Android tablet scene, as we saw this morning with the news of this summer's 10.1 inch ThinkPad tablet. Should the still-unnamed 7-incher clear the cutting room floor, it would appear that Lenovo is covering all of its Android tablet bases. [thisismynext]

  • After playing with My Nook Color and my wife's ipad I've come to realize that for me the 10 inch form factor is better. I don't really use a tablet outside the house so I don't need the portability of a 7 inch tablet. This tablet could end up being very competitive because Lenovo tends to offer good pricing and quality combined. With PC makers getting.g Ito the tablet market along side phone makers things are starting to get interesting.
  • Ew Lenovo, the Chinese company that bought rights to manufacture Thinkpads and overprice them.