Motorola Moto X

Both entry-level and high-end devices with the Motorola brand will hit China and emerging markets

Motorola may have been hemorrhaging money under the control of Google, but Lenovo seems to think the company's losses will be an easy fix going foward. Following an earnings call for his company, CEO of Lenovo Yang Yuanqing proclaimed that when it comes to Motorola, "in a few quarters we can turn around the business."

Assuming that the necessary regulatory approval from the U.S. and China goes according to plan, Motorola will soon be owned by Lenovo and the transformation can begin. Yuanqing went on to explain that as soon as Lenovo owns Motorola outright, it "will relaunch and reintroduce the Motorola brand back to China and other emerging markets." Lenovo sold nearly 14 million of its own-branded phones in China just in Q4 2013 alone, up 47 percent from last year.

The Motorola brand will be used in both the premium and entry-level markets, Yuanqing says, indicating that the combination of handsets like the Moto X but also the Moto G will be useful in its upcoming strategy. There's no indication of how Lenovo will balance the use of its own brand name and the newly-acquired Motorola brand in markets such as China where it already has a strong presence, however.

It's clear that whomever takes the helm as the new CEO of Motorola has quite the ride ahead of them.

Source: Bloomberg