Lenovo brings Amazon Alexa to the new Smart Clock Essential

Lenovo Ambient Light Dock Sealion White
Lenovo Ambient Light Dock Sealion White (Image credit: Lenovo)

What you need to know

  • Lenovo has announced the Smart Clock Essential with Alexa Built-in at CES 2022.
  • The smart display offers the same design as the Smart Clock 2.
  • Lenovo is also introducing new ambient light docks to use with the Smart Clock Essential.

Over the past few years, Lenovo has done a wonderful job when it comes to offering low-cost Google Assistant-connected smart displays. The trend continued in 2021 with the Lenovo Smart Clock 2, as this offered a bit of a redesign along with an optional dock that doubles as a wireless charger for your phone. But the truth is that more options is always better, which is likely why Lenovo has announced the Smart Clock Essential with Amazon Alexa.

Lenovo Smart Clock Essential With Alexa Built In Landscape Back

Source: Lenovo (Image credit: Source: Lenovo)

Instead of being "limited" to using Google Assistant, this new version is powered by Alexa's smarts, while retaining the same great design. As expected, the Smart Clock Essential sports the same LED display, which shows off the time and weather information, along with letting you know if any alarms are set.

As for the design, Lenovo is bringing two different colors into the fold, offering either Misty Blue or Clay Red. The material itself is a soft-touch fabric that looks great, no matter where you put it in the home.

Under the LED display, Lenovo has packed a 3W forward-facing full-range speaker, which is great when you want to sit back and listen to some tunes on Amazon Music. Plus, thanks to the power of Alexa, you can add the Smart Clock Essential to your existing speaker groups, filling every room in your home with music.

Lenovo Ambient Light Dock Squid Yellow

Source: Lenovo (Image credit: Source: Lenovo)

Lenovo didn't stop there, as there is a new dock aptly called the "Lenovo Ambient Light Dock". When attached, the dock will illuminate and can cycle through eight different lighting modes. All you need to do is double-tap the top of the Smart Clock Essential, or you can just ask Alexa to switch lighting modes for you.

If you're a fan of the Smart Clock Essential but are concerned about privacy, Lenovo thought about that too. The smart display does not feature a built-in camera, and there is a hardware mute switch on the back if you want to disable the microphones. And while you can still snag the wireless charging dock, there is a full-size USB-A port on the back so you can charge your phone (or anything else) while you're sleeping.

Pricing for the Lenovo Smart Clock Essential with Alexa Built-in starts at $60 for just the clock itself. You will be able to purchase the wireless charging dock, along with ambient light docks when they are released later this year.

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