Lennar and Ring partner up to bring one-app control to the smart home

Lennar Ring Level Lock
Lennar Ring Level Lock (Image credit: Level)

What you need to know

  • Lennar Communities Connected by Ring offers new homeowners the chance to have a smart home from day one.
  • The Ring app can now control products from vendors like Level, eero, Moen, Honeywell, MyQ, and plenty more.
  • You won't need a new Lennar home to take advantage of the new interconnection in the Ring app; just a compatible product.

Ring and Lennar are teaming up to bring Lennar Communities Connected by Ring, a new program that lets you build a smart home from the very beginning of the process. During the building process, new homeowners can choose the Lennar Everything's Included program which includes some of the best Ring products as well as products from Level, eero, Moen, Honeywell, and MyQ. Walking in the door with everything connected on day one certainly gets us a few steps closer to a smart home that actually feels like a smart home.

Part of that magic resides on that little black rectangle in your hands: the Ring app. While being able to add smart home gadgets to your home while it's being built is cool, the glue that holds it all together is, undoubtedly, the fact that basically everything in Lennar's new smart homes can be controlled through the Ring app. That helps eliminate the need to install what can feel like an endless list of manufacturer's apps just to be able to perform simple tasks. The big exception in the Lennar package is the eero Pro 6, which will still need the eero app to change network settings.

To break down all of the equipment, potential homebuyers are looking at a Ring Alarm system to secure the premises, Ring Alarm Smoke & CO Listeners to warn you of a potential fire or carbon monoxide problem, a Honeywell Home T6 Pro Z-Wave Smart Thermostat that can be controlled from anywhere, and flo by Moen, one of the best smart water monitoring systems, to help you conserve water and shut off the pipes in case of an emergency.

At the front door, you'll find a Ring Video Doorbell Pro with advanced motion detection and always-on recording features and a Level Lock for intelligently controlling your lock from anywhere. This is the first time Level is expanding its compatibility to the Ring app, previously only supported through its own app or Apple HomeKit. The garage can be remotely controlled thanks to a MyQ LiftMaster, and both of these locks support the Amazon Key program for safe and convenient package delivery to help avoid package theft. Even if you're not in the market for a new home, these connections via the Ring app can be enjoyed by anyone with these compatible products in their home.

Nicholas Sutrich
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