This LeEco mountain bike fuses exercise and your favorite mobile operating system

One of the more exotic products we had chance to look over at the recent CE China show out in Shenzhen was this smart bicycle from LeEco. A company with a broad range of connected hardware, this pretty outrageous looking mountain bike isn't something we come across every day.

Oh, and it runs Android.

The Le Syvrac isn't your average pedaller by any means. Besides the built in computer that runs software based on Android, it has smart functions like built in lights, a speaker and even a lock. It's also alarmed should someone just pick it up and throw it in the back of a van and with a companion smartphone app you'll be able to track the location of your futuristic cycle. Nestled in the handlebars is a heart rate sensor, too, for more accurate fitness tracking on the move.

The Android portion of this bike though is worth closer attention. It's not just a smartphone that's been glued to the handlebars, instead hosting some tailored software that the cyclist may actually want to use. It's packing a 4-inch display and a fairly hefty 4GB of RAM. What you're going to be doing most is tracking your activity like most good quality bike computers would. Speed, distance travelled and the weather are all pretty handy when you're outside, as is built in maps.

The beauty is that it's built in to the handlebars, so if you're a serious cyclist you've got what you want right where you want it already.

The computer also has a music player built in, and a speaker to blast your tunes through. There's no need to hit the trails with headphones and while the sound quality isn't exactly top drawer, it is at least loud. Or loud enough to be heard clearly at a busy trade show, anyway.

There are seemingly three different spec levels, with a top price of RMB 39,999 ($6155), and with lashings of Carbon Fiber among the options, it's easy to see where some of the price comes from. But even so, it's one of the craziest pedal powered machines we've ever seen.

Richard Devine