Leaks show how the Honor 30's camera stacks up against the Galaxy S20 Ultra

Honor 30 Galaxy S20 Ultra Camera Comparison
Honor 30 Galaxy S20 Ultra Camera Comparison (Image credit: Slashleaks)

What you need to know

  • A leaked presentation slide shows how the upcoming Honor 30 compares to the Galaxy S20 Ultra in the camera department.
  • Its Sony-made sensor is 1/1.3" large, similar to the Samsung's phone 1/1.33" sensor.
  • The pixel size on the Honor is also 1.2µm, which should give it an advantage in low-light photography.

With the Honor 30S set to release in just five days, we're getting some more details about its more expensive sibling, the Honor 30. While it's not yet unknown when the latter phone will be released, we do know that it will be able to hold its own in the camera department, possibly even against Samsung's most expensive offering yet, the Galaxy S20 Ultra.

Leaked slides released by Slashleaks (via GSMArena) shows the phone's primary sensor will about the same size as the Galaxy S20 Ultra's. The two phones come in at 1/1.3" and 1/1.33". For those whose math is a little rusty, since the denominator for the S20 Ultra is slightly larger, the Honor 30's sensor should actually come out as slightly ahead in size between the two.

Far more significant, however, is the difference in the pixel size of each sensor. The Galaxy S20 Ultra's Samsung-made image sensor's pixels are 0.8µm, while the Honor 30's Sony sensor comes in at 1.2µm, where a larger number is better. That'll certainly give the Huawei sub-brand an advantage in low-light photography.

Where the Samsung phone will win out hands-down, though, is the megapixel count. It's one of the very few phones in the market right now with a 108MP camera — why Samsung is charging the big bucks for it — while the Honor 30 sports a more typical 48MP shooter.

Also, while the Honor 30 will likely match the S20 Ultra in the number of cameras on its back (four, at least), it remains to be seen just how the entire package comes together. For example, Samsung's used some amazing engineering to achieve crazy levels of optical zoom on its phone, and it's unlikely Honor will offer the same level of imaging fidelity. For that, you'll probably need to hold out for Huawei's P40 lineup.

Muhammad Jarir Kanji