Latest Verizon update tightens security on Droid DNA

Verizon is starting to roll out a new software update for the HTC Droid DNA, which brings a number of performance improvements and the update also patches some security flaws. In particular, Verizon says that "device root vulnerability has been resolved" with the latest software patch, suggesting that users who need root access may lose that capability once the update is applied.

Here is the full list of enhancements that Verizon promises:

  • Integration of OpenSSL security patch updates

  • Device root vulnerability issue has been resolved

  • Improvement to Softcard actiation and functionalities

  • Improved compatibility for Miracast functionality

  • Updated WiFi Connection Status Indicator on Notification Screen

  • Updated battery indicator when connected to PC via USB cable

Have you gotten the update yet on your Droid DNA? Let us know how it works out.

Source: Verizon

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