Swiftkey introduces Swiftkey Hub in latest beta update

SwiftKey, a popular keyboard replacement, has added a new feature in the latest beta update, SwiftKey Hub. What SwiftKey Hub does is move the most popular SwiftKey settings and content to a new location, which is now found in the word prediction bar. Previously users had to long-press the 123 key to gain access to these settings, so the new location makes them much more accessible.

In the hub, users can access SwiftKey Cloud, change themes, and even change the size of the keyboard. Users will no longer have to leave the keyboard to browse, purchase, or apply a new theme. In addition the update will enable users to write quicker and easier in the languages they want to type in with new adaptive layouts for Hindi, Tamil, Gujarati and Marathi languages. SwiftKey is also in the early stages of integrating Dashlane support which will predict when you will need your password, and provide it to you. If you are interested in signing up for the SwiftKey beta, you can do so right here.

Source: SwiftKey