Latest Returnal patch taken down after critical save file error discovered

Returnal Nemesis
Returnal Nemesis (Image credit: Android Central)

What you need to know

  • A critical save file error was accidentally introduced in the latest patch for Returnal.
  • Players who downloaded the new patch have been asked to re-install the game.
  • The update was meant to fix a number of launch issues, including issues with crashing.
  • Players affected will get a CE-100028-1 error popup when starting the game.
  • This update does not include any sort of save function.

The brutally difficult roguelike Returnal launched last week to critical acclaim from fans and critics alike, but a recent update from developer Housemarque has accidentally caused a lot of grief for a lot of players. Following an update to patch 1.3.3. of the game, players discovered the update had prevented them from progressing their run.

Players who installed the latest patch will need to re-install the game to revert back to the previous patch, so if your game auto-updated to the newest patch, you may need to revert back to patch 1.3.1. Players affected will get a CE-100028-1 error popup when attempting to start the game.

Patch 1.3.3. was meant to fix a number of launch issues that have plagued Returnal since launch, including issues with preorder bonuses, trophies, and crashing. This update does not include a save function, something players online have been hoping for since launch.

  • Fixed an issue where certain trophies might not unlock under specific gameplay conditions. Note: missing trophies will need to be replayed to unlock.
  • Multiple stability fixes addressing rare crashes/hangs
  • Fixed an issue with preorder suits occasionally blocking item collection and door opening.
  • Fixed an incorrect healing behavior when resting in Helios.
  • Configuration changes to increase the number of scout corpses available in all biomes.
  • Fixed issues with certain custom controller mappings.
  • Numerous minor fixes and improvements.

Housemarque says that it will continue working on the issues and a new patch will be published in a few hours.

In our review of Returnal, we praised its beautiful visuals, intense action, and haunting narrative, calling it one of the best games of the year and one of the best on the PlayStation 5.

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