Latest Pokémon Go update lets trainers catch 'em all on the Android Nougat preview

Those who have been enjoying the Android Nougat preview have felt left out in the Pokémon Go launch aftermath. This is due to the super-popular title failing to work as intended on the beta program. Thankfully, an update has now been released to address this issue. You'll no longer have to downgrade your smartphone to Android 6.x to head out the front door and catch 'em all.

This latest release bumped Pokémon Go up to version 0.29.2, and while it now enables die hard fans to try out the beta of Google's next OS update, we'd recommend caution since it's a preview and things can go wrong elsewhere. Only just getting started with Pokémon Go on Nougat? Check out our in-depth guides to the world of little monsters on your phone.

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Rich Edmonds