Late-night poll: What are you most excited about seeing at Google I/O 2012?

Google I/O starts in just 20 days, and it's time to begin all the speculation about what we expect to see. Rumors have a 7-inch tablet as a lock, and there's new Google TVs and Chromebooks to show off, and some of us expect to see Google at Home revisited. 

Or maybe all of the above.

They did push things to an extra day this year, so that's 33-percent more we can hear and see. We'll be there, cameras and ears going to show you what we can, and much of it Google will be posting online, as it happens. It's a good time to be an Android geek. What are you excited about seeing at Google I/O? Shout out in the poll and the comments.

Jerry Hildenbrand
Senior Editor — Google Ecosystem

Jerry is an amateur woodworker and struggling shade tree mechanic. There's nothing he can't take apart, but many things he can't reassemble. You'll find him writing and speaking his loud opinion on Android Central and occasionally on Twitter.

  • I'd like seeing advancements on Android@home and Project Tungsten that was shown last year..
    I would be pretty cool..!
  • i wanna see project glass in action!
  • Yep, would love to see Project Glass in action!
  • I've been tinkering with what future versions of android could end up being and what I'm hoping for is something more along the lines of ics tablet mode, somewhat like the paranoid android roms out there where your status bar is at the bottom. With the increasing screen sizes making it harder to stick to one handed use I find that having the notifications on the bottom where they're easily reached is extremely helpful and more convenient....just something I've been thinking about.
  • I can see that being kind of difficult when you have software keys like the Galaxy Nexus. It works for legacy devices with capacitive keys just do to the fact that there is a natural separation, but with soft keys they are really close to where the bar will be.
  • Not if the soft keys are pushed to the left and the clock and notifications are on the right. They'd just be slightly smaller buttons, and with bigger screens it works just fine. Go into xda and take a look at Paranoid Android. Its on a lot of devices but started on the gnex.
  • would love to see a G+ hangout on air broadcast from I/O.
  • Android-powered car entertainment systems. Think about it - unlike "Google TV", an Android-powered car entertainment system already has everything the user needs... Turn-by-turn navigation with audio feedback, POIs (points-of-interest), music players and services, digital radio, countless "car-specific" applications (such as speedometers) and more "car home" interfaces than I can count! There's nothing I'd love more than to upgrade my cassette player (yes, you read that right!) to an Android-powered stereo...
  • Hey, don't make fun of my cassette player. I use a tape that plugs into my headphone jack on my phone so I have access to my phone through my car speakers. It's actually a really good system.
  • This would be pretty damn awesome.
  • there's a car stereo units powered by Android already !
    I remember reading about it a few months ago , but I'd don't remember what brands they were
  • I hope Google Glass makes some news, like possible release date for Dec??? :)
  • Majel!!! Curious how advanced it really is!
  • i would also like to see the progress with majel. hopefully itll make siri and john malkavich look like clowns!
  • More Google/android (at) home stuff. Please.
  • I would like to see about this tablet since I'm considering more and more to get one. But I'm more anxious to hear about the next version of Android.
  • lol...... of course...
    this is, in fact, ANDROID central...
  • I'm interested in getting a preview of the next version of android. I would like google to focus on performance and stability more than before. I think that's something they can and should advance in. Pay attention to core details. Updates on the new maps which will probably be ready or close to ready for release would be nice also. It'll be interesting to see if there is in fact going to be a nexus tablet announced. Even though I wouldn't buy a android tablet for my own use just yet.
  • Google to say F*** IT! Along w/ all Android partners, the Open Handset Alliance, EU, US Justice Dept, book publishers, record companies, & media conglomerates that a &500 billion dollar lawsuit has been filed against Apple for; patent infringement, FRAND abuse violations, monopolistic business practices, price fixing, stock manipulation, WTO labor law violations, & got giving the Beatles decades of grief when Steve Jobs openly stole the Apple Corps logo & name (reference his own biography). Also the Justice Dept, EU & other regulators announce effective immediately ALL Apple products are removed from store shelves, Apple retail stores are closed, all shipments are held in Customs, all e commerce for Apple is halted, Chinese manufacturing is suspended, & their executives have their passports seized so they can't flee. That is what I'd love to see!
  • CRAP... you had me going for a bit.. I thought my dreams had come true.
  • *want*
  • I'm waiting to see the priceless expressions of nerd-gasm on the faces of all the bloggers when google hands out the Nexus tablet as swag. Seriously though, I'm interested in the 7" Nexus tablet. -Suntan
  • Game saves and app settings can get uploaded to the cloud and sync'd to all your android devices. Jelly Bean to feature user switching with custom homescreen and device settings for each user.
  • "Game saves and app settings can get uploaded to the cloud and sync'd to all your android devices. " Yeah, this is another thing that would be really great if they implemented. -Suntan
  • "Game saves and app settings can get uploaded to the cloud and sync'd to all your android devices. "
    Couldn't agree more to me the inability to backup up all and I mean all of your app data is one of Androids biggest flaws. Especially for an operating system were there are some instances where you either update an app and loose all your data due to some error or you have to do bring phone in and trigger happy sales man/tech guy usually wants to try a factory data reset. In that situation if you didn't have root and had some expensive in app purchases your fu**** good luck getting money back to repurchase. I know I unrooted my phone so backups are something I miss a lot and not only on the cloud like Drive or something but locally on sdcard or PC as well.
  • It is too bad the manufacturers and carriers hold these phones back. With my rooted phone I make full backups of all my apps, data and even the entire rom that go right into my dropbox.
  • I think that would definitely be a game changer. Backing up app data, and syncing it between deviced, would be PERFECT!!!!
  • All i want to say. Keep going Google- don't let the poison fruit get to you!!
    I want to see the 5 new nexus phone coming out thiss year!!
  • I have a feeling that is a rumor that will never happen. It is not in the carriers best interest at all.
  • With the rebirth of the Device market, the carriers aren't really involved this time around. Google would release them on their own, mostly GSM but HOPEFULLY at least one CDMA (Stuck on Sprint and being optimistic), and you would buy direct from Google. This is what I'm wanting to see too.
  • Google Glass
  • I want Google to update Talk where if I want to send a picture, I don't have to switch to sending an MMS and then switch back to Talk. My BlackBerry for years could send files, pictures, location, and had delivery receipts - iMessage can now do these things too... please Google, A/V is nice but let me send freaking pics & get delivery receipts! Please! Thanks! :-)
  • That would be great. And if they also released Talk for iOS/WP7/Mac I would literally never have to use anything else.
  • The next serious version of Maps. Although I use G-maps almost daily and it is a God send, it lacks refinement and customization. It could be so much more.
  • I'm surprised so many people want to see the next version of Android. It will only hurt Google to release it so soon. They should move to an 18 month cycle with how long adoption by the manufacturers takes and with how many people are using older versions. Unless the next version is only incremental or something. I am looking forward to the tablet to replace my Kindle Fire.
  • 18 months is way too long to wait to update Android OS. There is always little things that need to be done here and there and some visual improvements. I am sure that Google is not going to do a complete OS overhaul, that would be such a stupid business decision. What they are going to do is a smaller update like how when Froyo was going to update to Gingerbread. Everyone thought it was going to be a complete revamp of the OS and it was going to be 3.0. This update will be a 4.x update so do not expect too much.
  • Something else, check the comments I'm most interested in learning about the (potential) new Nexus approach. 5 manufactures get advanced code? Multiple nexus devices? multiple phones? Selling nexus devices directly through the Play Store? I can't wait to see the full Nexus vision.
  • Oh, I also want a Google native reminders / tasks app that syncs with my Google calendar. This would help my terrible memory, ie, I forgot to add this to my above post about Google Talk, heh.
  • Something else (see the comments) Google Play Store (I still can't get used to the name) paid section to roll out in More countries
  • Of course news on the next version of Android would be great..who doesn't love evolution? But what I'm REALLY interested in hearing about is clarification on the new Nexus strategy. I seriously doubt the 5 manufacturer + multiple carrier roll out since hell hasn't frozen over but we all have dreams right??
  • I want a ChromeOS tablet. Just give me a screaming fast web browser that's touch optimized and I'll be a happy camper.
  • I would like to see it announced that the next Nexus would be released on all carriers simultaneous like the S3 is currently doing. Simple, unified experience that is released once a year (on all major carriers in US). I know that sounds a lot like apple's model, but honestly, I'm tired of the guessing games in these phones and should I or shouldn't I upgrade. I like Android just how she is with ICS, just give me stronger radios and longer battery life.
  • I want my ASUS 370t or equivalent and my Vizio VAP430 to be released soon. That is what I truly want Santa.
  • the rumoured new nexus line-up. duh!
  • Google announcing that they are going to sue anything and everything about Crapple.
  • I want to know what Google plans to do with SageTV that it purchased over a year ago.. It's still the best DVR / Media Center solution available with its HD300 extenders.. HD300's now run $400 on ebay when they were $150 new because they stopped selling them when Google purchased SageTV.. An Android placeshifter client, new server software, etc. sure would be nice..
  • The new Nexus strategy. I would love for them to be working more with the OEMs with each new Android version. That way they can look at what is going on and can get updates out the door quicker.
  • I agree, i would like to hear more about the new nexus ideas. Wouldn't mind seeing htc getting a crack at another nexus and also LG and Moto.