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LastPass's main app finally updated with support for Oreo's Autofill

LastPass for Android
LastPass for Android (Image credit: Android Central)

Android Oreo has a lot of different goodies to play with, but one of my favorite features to use is the Autofill API. This makes entering usernames, passwords, and other info a lot simpler than previous Android versions, and it allows password management apps to be more convenient than ever before.

LastPass, one of the world's most popular password managers, first got support for Autofill last August alongside the release of 8.0 Oreo. Autofill was first made available for the LastPass Beta app, and it was expected that the primary one would soon see similar treatment. However, after months and months of waiting, nothing ever happened. That is, until today.

The latest v4.4.1749 update for LastPass is rolling out to the Play Store now, and once you open the app after updating, you'll get a pop-up letting you know that Autofill is available to use.

To access this, go to Settings -> Autofill and there you can choose if you want to use Oreo's Autofill or stick with the legacy method the uses Android's Accessibility Services.

If this update for LastPass isn't showing up for you on the Play Store and you want it now, feel free to download the APK file here.

Download: LastPass (free) (opens in new tab)

Joe Maring was a Senior Editor for Android Central between 2017 and 2021. You can reach him on Twitter at @JoeMaring1.

  • Does Chrome finally support Autofill?
  • To answer my own question, yes it does! Didn't when I first tried the LastPass beta so I wasn't sure.
  • This is the most embarrassing thing. I had been so frustrated that it wasn't working on Chrome for ages (chalking that up to beta status), and just checked again, with no luck. Turns out the "show fill window" setting for Chrome had been unchecked this whole time. What the hell.
  • KeePass2Android has supported this for a while now.
  • I wish they could get their Firefox plug in to work on Android.
  • Since they sold LastPass they upped the price by 100%! I canceled my account and bought Enpass. One time fee, auto fill, syncing to my own cloud (or none at all), and works well on my phone and in chrome on PC. Couldn't be happier! For me, LastPass is dead.
  • I still haven't got the upgrade on my Nexus 6P. Not sure what the delay is....
  • I got the LastPass v4.4.1749 update and now some of my Legacy apps aren't being autofilled correctly even though Legacy app support is enabled. Reported the MyBell app to LastPass premium support. All that gets filled in is the username and not the password field. Very strange that Autofill was working fine before the LP update on my Nexus 6P with Android 8.1 Feb 5 patch.