LastPass is set to seriously improve its "family" tier of service, adding tons of intuitive features that make it easy to manage family-focused data between multiple users. The new LastPass Families, which is coming later this summer, is a big improvement over its current "family" plan which is simply a cheap way to get multiple individual subscriptions for people in the same household and offering one shared family folder.


The new LastPass Families focuses on actually offering family-oriented features, and they all sound great. You get unlimited sharing within your family group with as many folders as you want, and each folder will have its own permissions for different members of the family. So you can share your Netflix login with your kids, but only share banking information with your spouse, for example.

This is all about the permission model.

The designation of information expands to the LastPass "backup plan," where you can put critical information and designate which members can have access to it in an emergency. This keeps your data safe under normal circumstances, but gives you the ability to release it to your family members when necessary. The family manager will handle payment and be able to add or remove family members seamlessly.

When LastPass Families launches later this year, it will be available for a flat subscription fee for up to six family members. If you're excited to try it as early as possible, LastPass has a sign-up page where you can get in line for early access.

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