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Although Christmas just a week away, there’s still time to grab an amazing stocking stuffer for that tech lover in your life without maxing out your credit card. Enter the IOGEAR GearPower Ultra Capacity Mobile Power Station, or as IOGEAR has aptly nicknamed it, “The 10K”—if you refuse to buy one more pair of headphones or pack of screen protectors, this is a super-useful option for that every single smartphone or tablet owner can enjoy.

The 10K packs a whopping 11,000 mAh, and takes a little over two and a half hours to fill to capacity using the included USB charging adapter—once charged, you’ll have enough juice to bring the average smartphone back to life over five times.  Despite its impressive capacity, the 10K weighs in at just 10.4 ounces with ultra-portable 3 x 4.8 x 0.8 inch dimensions.

The 10K packs two USB ports and supports dual-charging, perfect for topping off your tablet and smartphone simultaneously. I was able to take my phone from zero to 100 in just over an hour, while my tablet felt full after around two hours. For those who can’t wait for a full charge, the 10K is small enough to leave attached to your device in your bag or even a large coat pocket.

The 10K features short circuit, overcharge, and temperature protection, which means you won’t have to worry about frying your devices while they’re charging in your bag. I have yet to experience any sort of overheating, though, despite extensive use. In addition to the USB wall charger and micro USB cable, the 10K also ships with a handy pouch, perfect for protecting the battery pack from scratches and scuffs. You'll want to use it, as the 10K is one of the more handsome battery packs to come across my desk lately.

At $79.95 MSRP, the IoGear 10K offers a ton of bang for your buck, especially considering that you can currently snag the pack for just $47 on Amazon ahead of the holiday. I consider the best gifts to be those items you want and need but wouldn't necessarily spring for-- the Gearpower Mobile PowerStation is just that.