Android nicknames

It's the eve of Google I/O, and we've been promised a taste of the next version of Android during tomorrow's keynote address. (You've got our liveblog bookmarked, right?) So let's have a little fun. What do you think the "L" version of Android will be? Lollipop? Licorice? Lemon? Lima Bean?

Give us your guess in the comments. If a new nickname is announced tomorrow — and that's not a given, folks — then we'll round up those who guessed right and pick two at random to receive a little something something from us. Given that it's I/O, figure it'll be a Nexus of some sort. (Hell, we'll even let you choose — phone or tablet.) If no name is announced, then we'll pick three people at random to win a device.

Just because we can.

Good guessing, and good luck!