We were a tad bit confused when Kyocera announced a phone called the Torque for Europe considering that a phone by that name had been released back at the begging of 2013. Well it turns out this is simply a confusion of naming rather than re-releasing an old phone — the Kyocera Torque for Europe is simply the recently-announced Kyocera Brigadier available on Verizon.

Considering that this is Kyocera's first real shot at selling phones in Europe it makes sense it'd go with a known phone that is selling well in the U.S. already — and the name isn't likely to confuse anyone considering the different markets. The Kyocera Torque (the European one) will be on sale primarily to enterprise, but if you happen to see one around, now you know what you're getting into.

Feast your eyes on some fresh video above, and check out our full hands-on of the sapphire screened smartphone right here.