Kodak SL10 and SL25

Sony did it first with its QX series of "lens cameras," and now Kodak is getting in on the smartphone lens attachment game with its Pixpro Smart Lenses. The SL10 and SL25 are 16MP fully-contained cameras that clip snugly onto your phone of choice and provide drastically improved image quality over what you'd get from a phone. As the names would suggest you're getting either 10x or 25x powered zoom on these Smart Lenses, though with the SL10 you're also getting a much smaller package to work with.

In either case, just like the Sony models you're getting both an SDcard slot and battery that keep the Smart Lenses going whether they're physically attached to a phone or not, offering up some interesting shooting options. You even have dedicated zoom controls, shutter keys and tripod mounts on the SL10 and SL25. Connection to your phone happens over WIfi for faster file handling, and pairing can be done over NFC provided your phone supports it and you have Kodak's app installed.

Kodak's smart lenses went on sale a few months ago, and have already dropped in price — even below $200 for the SL10 — since their release. Be sure to check out our hands-on photos and see if these are the right photography gadgets for you to check out yourself.

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