Knock out tasks in Todoist with improved Google Assistant integration

Todoist App On Notebook
Todoist App On Notebook (Image credit: Andrew Myrick / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • Task management app Todoist is rolling out integration with Google Assistant.
  • Users will able able to inquire about tasks, add new tasks, and mark off finished tasks.
  • iOS users will have access to the new integration via the Google Assistant app

Google Assistant is already pretty handy when it comes to helping around the house. Sure it won't do your laundry or pick up your groceries, but it's pretty good at reminding you to do those things yourself. Users of Todoist, one of the best to-do apps available, already know the importance of keeping your daily tasks on hand at all times. That's why Todoist is taking things a step further by rolling out improved integration with Google Assistant.

Source: Todoist (Image credit: Source: Todoist)

With the improvements, users have more ways of taking advantage of Todoist capabilities through Google Assistant. To get started, simply say "Hey Google, let me talk to Todoist," or "Ask Todoist..." and get the conversation going from there. It makes it easy to add new tasks, inquire about your day, and even mark off tasks for completion.

It's also easy to include more details within your tasks, using Todoist syntax. For instance, you might say "Ask Todoist to add task 'call Maria today at 11 am, priority 1, hashtag sales, at-sign urgent'." To which Todoist would respond by adding the high priority task "Call Maria" to 11 am within in your sales project and with an urgent label.

Improved Google Assistant integration with Todoist is currently rolling out and is currently only available in English. iPhone users can get in on the improvements as well via the Google Assistant app on iOS.

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