KitKat Statue

Google has released its monthly report on what version of Android active devices are running, showing small movements across the board. KitKat has passed the milestone of now running on one-third of all active devices, with 33.9 percent total share, up from 30.2 last month. Jelly Bean collectively has dropped under the 50 percent mark to 48.7, down from 50.8 last month.

Version Numbers

The rest of the numbers round out to Ice Cream Sandwich claiming 7.8 percent of devices, down from 8.5, with Gingerbread hitting 9.1 percent and Froyo 0.5 percent. Lollipop still hasn't amassed enough users to make a blip on this chart, though we wouldn't be surprised if January was the month we saw it make its debut in Google's official numbers.

Source: Google Developers