Video games are amazing, but they usually don't do a great job of burning up physical energy. That's where VR and the Oculus Quest come in. If your kids are stuck at home and are bouncing off the walls, you can let them blow off some steam with the Oculus Quest. These games will get your kids and the family jumping, dancing, and spinning around.

Note: When you let kids use VR, remember to take breaks for ten minutes every hour. You can check out more guidance on letting your kids use VR in this guide.

Beat Saber Oculus Quest

⭐ Featured favorite: Beat Saber

Beat Saber is an incredible game for all ages. It has a low learning curve and different skill levels, so anyone can enjoy it. You swing digital sabers at blocks to the beat of music. It feels like a bit of a mixture of Guitar Hero and Star Wars.

$30 at Oculus Store
The Curious Tale of the Stolen Pets

Solving mysteries: The Curious Tale of the Stolen Pets

Staff pick

This is a charming puzzle game that's a bit different than the other entries on this list. Rather than having them jump around, this game takes your kids through a giant VR diorama. In it, they'll solve puzzles and explore a colorful and immersive world.

$15 at Oculus

Move that body!: OhShape

Have you ever seen the show Hole in the Wall? This is basically that game and mixed with music. You can dance your way through differently shaped holes and punch some coins along the way. It's a great way to get your kids moving and will probably look ridiculous to anyone who isn't in the VR headset.

$20 at Oculus
Vader Immortal: Episode III

Facing Vader: Vader Immortal: Episode III

Who doesn't want to be a Jedi? Those that want to be a Sith, of course! Whether you're on the light side, dark side, or anywhere in between, this game allows people to live their Force-related dreams. The training dojo will have your kids spinning around to battle bots and block lasers, while the story mode puts their skills into action.

$10 at Oculus
Fruit Ninja Oculus Quest

Slice and dice: Fruit Ninja

Fruit Ninja is a classic game that kids love. It's simple, mindless, and lets you slice giant fruit in half with a sword. What more could a kid want? The Oculus Quest version has classic, arcade, zen, and survival modes to give your kids plenty of variety in their gameplay.

$15 at Oculus Store

Bang bang: AUDICA

What do you get when you mix elements of Rock Band and Dance Central with virtual reality? AUDICA. This game has you shoot laser blasters to the rhythm of songs. It has popular artists and immerses you into an active musical experiences. Your kids could spend hours shooting to the beat of music. Just make sure to have them take breaks.

$30 at Oculus
Box VR Oculus Quest

VR fitness: BOXVR

BOXVR is a great way to get into shape on the Oculus Quest, but your kids probably don't care about that much. Instead, they'll enjoy that they get to swing their fists and knees to bumping music. Is that what the kids say these days? Bumping?

$30 at Oculus Store
Dance Central Oculus Quest

I feel like dancing!: Dance Central

Dance Central was a popular title for parties on consoles, and now it's available on the Oculus Quest. You can get your kids jumping around and dancing to music with this title. To get the most of it, you'll probably want to cast the gameplay onto a TV.

$30 at Oculus Store
Knockout League Oculus Quest

DING DING DING: Knockout League

Kids love boxing games because they can swing their arms around. Knockout League might be a better fit for kids than BOXVR because instead of swinging to music, they're battling an opponent.

$20 at Oculus Store
Ninja Legends Oculus Quest

Katana combat: Ninja Legends

In this game, your kids can use dual katanas, a bow and arrow, ninja claws, and more to battle hordes of ninja enemies. They can also use special ninja powers like shadow step to take down enemy ninjas.

$20 at Oculus Store
Pistol Whip Oculus Guest

Shoot to the music: Pistol Whip

Another rhythmic game, Pistol Whip has you shoot, dodge, and dance your way through levels to defeat enemies. When you really get into your groove, it feels like you're in an action movie.

$25 Oculus Store
Eleven Table Tennis

Ping pong: Eleven Table Tennis

This table tennis game focuses on realism. The physics in the game are impressive, allowing you to feel like you're playing an actual game of ping pong. Just make sure your kids have enough room to move around. We bumped into a table in our testing — it can happen to anyone.

$20 at Oculus
SUPERHOT VR Oculus Quest

Matrix VR: Superhot VR

This game might be better for slightly older kids as it can be difficult to get through some levels. The world moves at the same pace you do in this title. That means you can analyze a situation and come up with a plan to shoot and punch your enemies like you're living in the Matrix.

$25 at Oculus Store

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Having to stay inside is never easy. You can only play on your phone, read books, and watch television for so long. The games on this list will help your kids and the whole family get up and moving. A lot of them are set to music, and just about every game on this list is easy to jump into.

Beat Saber is one of the best games on the Oculus Quest regardless of what's going on in the world. It has different skill levels, so it's great for beginners and expert gamers. If you want to take Beat Saber to the next level, you should try putting custom songs onto it.

Another great title is OhShape. It's like a VR version of Hole in the Wall that makes people contort their bodies into different shapes. It adds in music as well so you can dance between the different holes in the walls. To share the fun with the family, you should try casting the Oculus Quest to a TV.

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