Keeper Password Manager is now ready for Marshmallow users

Keeper Password Manager, a great solution to keep your passwords safe, has been updated with support for the new features of Android Marshmallow. In addition to adding some new features, the team has announced some new partnerships, like Samsung and Orange, that will make Keeper preloaded on a large number of devices in the coming years. Some of the changes in this update include:

  • Users of Google's latest mobile OS can now quickly and securely log into their private Keeper Vault by simply putting their finger on the sensor on their phone. Once their fingerprint unlocks their Keeper account, users will have access to all of their sensitive and personal data including passwords, files, photos and videos.
  • Another convenient and secure feature provided to Android Marshmallow customers is FastFill integration. This feature allows users to quickly fill and save passwords from within native Android apps and web browsers. Keeper FastFill opens in place of the user's keyboard when logging in, providing fast and secure access to any application.

Of course, you'll need a smartphone running Marshmallow in order to benefit from these changes. You can download the latest version of Keeper Password Manager from Google Play now.