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Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the two biggest shopping days of the year. They're also a time when most people do most of their holiday shopping. I don't know about you, but some of the most iconic holiday images that I can remember are from Coca-Cola's famous ad campaigns over the years, like the modern version of Santa Claus or the adorable Polar Bears. If Coke evokes such nostalgia in you or your loved ones, then you might want to pounce on this cute Cyber Monday Deal for $21 off a Coca-Cola mini-fridge at Walmart.

Coca Cola Mini Fridge

Nostalgia meets convenience: Classic Coca-Cola Mini Fridge | Save $21 at Walmart

There's nothing better than having a cold beverage on hand, and it's even better when it's readily accessible. This nostalgic-looking Coca Cola brand mini fridge can hold up to six cans of your favorite beverage at a time or any other snacks that you might want to keep cool. Right now, it's over $20 off its normal price, making it a perfect holiday gift.

$29 at Walmart

My parents used to collect old Coca-Cola memorabilia, like old-timey ice chests, signs, and even chairs, so this mini fridge brings back fond memories of a simpler time. It is perfect for the office, whether that's a home office or your "real" office, whenever you can get back there. The mini-fridge is lightweight and very portable, so you can easily move it around the home or even take it with you on a boat, truck, or RV.

It plugs into a standard wall outlet and can chill drinks or food down to 32-degrees Fahrenheit (18 C). Alternatively, you can set it to hot mode and warm food or drinks up to 135-degrees Fahrenheit (57 C). It's perfect for storing everything from yogurt to milk to medications. It even has an interior shelf that you can remove for more storage.

If you're truly lazy like me, you'll want one of these plugged in next to your sofa or gaming chair so that you don't have to get up as often from that Netflix binge or marathon gaming session. At least you can feel better knowing that the mini-fridge is doing its part to save the climate with CFC-free thermoelectric technology.

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