Just a few months after Karma launched its $50 Neverstop unlimited data plan for its Wi-Fi hotspot, the company has ditched that plan. In its place, it has launched Pulse, which offers Karma hotspot users three different data tiers without throttling speeds. However, there will be extra fees if users go over their subscribed tiers.

Karma first introduced the Neverstop unlimited plan in November for $50 a month, but many of its users abused the service, which included them performing back ups of large amounts of information on Karma's network. The company cut data speeds on the plan in January, then it ditched that idea in favor of a 15GB monthly cap..

Now, Neverstop is officially no more. Karma's new Pulse plans offer 5GB of data a month for $40, 10GB of data for $75 a month and 20GB of data for $140 a month:

It's just the good stuff. Set up your plan, get a chunk of data every month, and cancel at any time. You can get up to 8 simultaneous connections online with no throttling, ever. Get the best of the web and don't sacrifice speed. Spend less time waiting for videos to buffer, playlists to stream, or photos to sync.With Pulse, you pick an option that works for you, and add extra data for $15/GB or upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time. If you add extra data and don't use it all, you'll be credited the difference. And when you share your WiFi connection with others around you, you'll earn a $1 credit in your account as a thank you. Anyone who connects will get 100MB of data free, too.

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Source: Karma

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