Android's June 2018 security update brings Bluetooth and display improvements to Pixel phones

The beginning of the month means the Android Security Bulletin gets published, we learn all about the monthly security patch, and those sweet, sweet updates start streaming through the bright blue sky towards our phones.

There aren't any singular "big" issues addressed in the June 2018 patch, but there are a set of updates from Google and all the companies who make the various components used in Android phones from every manufacturer. These cumulative updates are the extra layer of protection on top of Google Play Protect and are something we all need to have.

Pixel-specific updates include a handful of minor quality-of-life improvements for things like Bluetooth reception, screen response and several other features of the phone that always seem to get a bit of tweaking.

The factory images are available right now if you're not the waiting type, or you can just chill and wait for the mellow sounds of smartphone rock & roll to float your way. Or you can start mashing the heck out of the check for updates button, whatever gets you groovy.

How to manually update your Nexus or Pixel

Jerry Hildenbrand
Senior Editor — Google Ecosystem

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  • Thank you for being first... I miss it
  • After installing the update, there's a very noticeable lag between touching the fingerprint sensor or pushing the power button and the screen turning on. I know others have complained about this in the past, especially with the fingerprint sensor, but I had never experienced it until now.
  • Just tested on mine. Fingerprint is instant coming from my pocket to open. Sitting on my desk, in the ambient (showing notification icons and time in b&w in screen), instant. Pushing power button to get full notifications is instant also.
  • Replying to myself.. I see down in the comments, if you have screen always on, there will not be a lag, if you have screen always off, there will be lag. Maybe this is why I have not seen the lag.
  • Yep, that's why you're not seeing it. Found that out after I made my original post.
  • Terrible lag with fingerprint scanner after this update.
  • If it's any consolation, the fingerprint scanner lag I'd experienced for the last three or four months have not existed at all with the P beta.
  • Unfortunately it's to combat a screen flicker bug some were having - they intentionally increased the delay. Saw that on XDA
  • Absolutely agreed. If Screen Always On is set to off, there is a big lag.
  • Agreed. With AOD ON, there's no lag.
  • Yep. With it on, no lag. With it off - which is how I prefer it - substantial lag.
  • So there is lag?
  • Gotta love those super fast, buggy updates! 😁
  • I think there is lag somewhere
  • I still trust Google over any other OEM and the bug in software updates happen from time to time but I would still rather have fast updates.
  • Even if they're pants??
  • I never said Google is perfect but they fix any issues or bugs quicker than any other Android OEM.
  • Noticeable lag using fingerprint without always on display on, normal with it on. I guess I'll leave display always on! Bluetooth connectivity much better 👌🏻
  • Good deal. I'll have to check it out.
  • The details of your monthly phone security patch updates are readily available on your phone. Two options: Settings ➡️ Software Update ➡️ Last Update Info Or Settings ➡️ About Phone ➡️ Software Info Ie. Give a man a fish, he will eat today. Teach a man to fish, he will eat daily.
  • Got it last night. No lag
  • No issues with any lag on my end
  • Just tried to download June's update but it seems to be pulled.
  • Parched up n secure
  • Only just got June update a few minutes ago. All seems good to me