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JBL announces three headphones with Google Assistant built-in

Bose was one of the first companies to release Google Assistant-powered headphones last year with the QuietComfort 35 II (opens in new tab), and now JBL is trying its own hand at this with three new headphone options coming in at prices for just about everyone.

At the lowest end is the Everest 110GA. These are in-ear headphones that promise eight hours of battery life, and they come with small, medium, and large ear-tips to help give you the best fit possible. The price of $99.95 isn't necessarily cheap, but it's considerably more affordable than Google's own Pixel Buds.

Stepping up to $199.95 will get you the Everest 310GA. The biggest difference here is that these are on-ear headphones as opposed to the in-ear style of the 110GA, and you'll also find much more battery life at 20 hours. The Everest 710GA (pictured above) is the most expensive of the bunch at $249.95, and it offers the best sound quality and battery life with a rating of 25 hours.

All three of the headphones come with Google Assistant built-in, Bluetooth 4.1, JBL Pro Audio Sound, and ShareMe 2.0 (minus the 110GA).

You'll be able to buy the headphones this spring from both JBL's website and select retailers.

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  • I wish they would have shown what the other two headphones looked like. Potential buyers would like to know.
  • It's a good feature to have but if you're listening through your phone anyway, it seems so pointless.
  • BT introduces just enough lag, it makes assistant hard to use in my experience. Maybe less so on a pair of headphones, but godawful in the car.
  • TBH, I probably don't get much of the appeal of GA on a wireless headset. Yeah, it's more responsive and instantaneous, but I never found using GA with my 1000XM2 to be tedious.
  • USB-C port or no?