Zoom slowly coming back after suffering from a partial outage

Zoom App
Zoom App (Image credit: Bryan M. Wolfe/Android Central)

Update, August 24 (11:35 am ET): Zoom says a fix has been deployed and service should be restored for some users

What you need to know

  • Zoom has gone down for many this morning.
  • Confused users on social media have reported being greeted with a "no zuora account" error message when trying to access meetings.
  • Zoom has updated its status to note that it is currently suffering from a partial outage.

Video-conferencing service, Zoom, has gone down for users today, with many reporting a "no zuora account found" error on social media. The outage began at around 8am Eastern this morning going by Down Detector reports.

Zoom has confirmed the outage on their status page, noting:

We have received reports of users being unable to visit the Zoom website (zoom.us) and unable to start and join Zoom Meetings and Webinars. We are currently investigating and will provide updates as we have them.

The service recently shot to promincence over the course of the poandemic, and quickly became the first choice for schools and businesses. A disruption like this in our current times could prove more than irritating. Zoom notes that the outages are only partial, but updates may be forthcoming as outage is either resolved, or the extent becomes clear.

Update, August 24 (11:35 am ET) — Zoom has started rolling out a fix

Zoom says it has found the issue and is currently rolling out a fix. Not all users should get it at once, but some should now have access to meetings once more. A message on the Zoom status page now reads:

We are in the process of deploying a fix across our cloud. Service has been restored already for some users. We are continuing to roll this out to complete the fix for any users still impacted.

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