YouTube is one of the most visited sites on the internet, and seemingly everybody's favorite way to learn new information or just kill time … and for many, it's down today.

A number of users have been reporting error messages and problems loading YouTube's home page and videos over the last hour; for some, thumbnails and text won't load on the main feed, while others are having trouble loading videos or comments (hey, maybe that last part is actually a new feature). Some creators are also having trouble live streaming and uploading new videos.

YouTube is aware of the issues, with @TeamYouTube responding to complaints on Twitter and assuring users that they're working to fix it. Keep in mind that these problems aren't affecting everyone — YouTube is working just fine on all of my devices, and from the looks of it, plenty of people in the responses to Team Youtube's tweets are doing fine, too.

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Have you been having problems with YouTube today? Let us know in the comments — we'll update you when things are back up and running.

Update: Team YouTube is now replying back to users claiming that it's fixed the issues.