Youtube Down Error MessageSource: Nick Sutrich / Android Central

What you need to know

  • The YouTube platform is had connectivity issues on September 22, 2021, causing some videos to be unavailable.
  • YouTube Studio analytics, description editing, and comments were also unavailable on some videos.
  • The outage looks to have begun sometime after 2 PM ET and ended sometime after 3PM ET.

According to user reports, the issue appears to have been cleared up. YouTube did not officially mention the outage on any of its blogs or social media channels, so the cause of the outage is not clear. The original report is below.

If you're having issues accessing your YouTube Studio or just watching videos on the popular video streaming platform, you're not alone. Down Detector shows a significant spike in connectivity problems to the YouTube platform in some seemingly random parts of the U.S. after 2 PM ET.

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Youtube Outage Spike 9 22Source: Down Detector

In addition to video watching, the outage seems to affect many of the statistics that help creators create better content through the YouTube Studio platform. Some videos aren't available at all, while others seem to be just fine. Additionally, you'll find that editing a video's description or replying to comments is a bit unreliable now. We'll keep this article updated as more information is available.