Gaming on Android is arguably better than it's ever been. We all love it here at AC, and with the success of the NVIDIA Shield and promising titles like Super Mario Run and many more on the horizon, there's been some talk about bringing back gaming-first phone design, most keenly expressed in the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play from 2011.

On the Android subreddit, users bandied around the idea of reimagining what a brand new Xperia Play phone might look in 2017, and whether or not it's a worthwhile idea at all.

Here are some of the best reactions from that thread:

Reddit user pheymanss pitched perhaps the best idea which was upvoted to the top comment. They suggested that rather than another entire phone dedicated to gaming, there should instead be a gaming Moto Mod — complete with slide-out physical buttons — for the Moto Z.

User jcpb outlined some of the main specs they would need to see in a 2017 Xperia Play, focusing on four main areas: quality game library, flawless framerate performance, expandable storage space and, of course, a bigger battery to handle the power-drain associated with gaming:

Overall, reaction to the proposition was somewhat mixed, with Xperia Play fans enthusiastically in favor of a new update to their beloved device, and haters also chiming in. Perhaps the most balanced take was presented by user angelrenard:

So we turn to you, our loyal readers, with the same question: Would you purchase a new Xperia Play updated for 2017? Did you own an Xperia Play? We'd love to hear your opinions, so let us know in the comments!

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