iOttie Easy One Touch 4 Qi Wireless Car Mount review: A driving essential

The iOTTIE Easy One Touch 4 Qi Wireless Car Mount is quite the mouthful for a product name, but it totally lives up to it. It's stupid easy to use and will hold your phone in place and charge it wirelessly with not much more than a quick tap. Better yet, the mount is infinitely adjustable so you can mount your phone exactly as you'd like your car.

Earlier this year I took a look at the iOttie iTap Wireless Charging Mount which I found to work really well, but many commenters didn't like the concept of attaching a metal plate to the back of their phone. That's a fair point, which is why iOttie also offers a more traditional car mount that also supports wireless charging without magnets.

Given that this is the fourth version of this car mount, it's safe to say that iOttie has got this phone mounting business down to a science. The Easy One Touch 4 can be oriented any way you like your car. The suction cup mount that's installed on the mount out of the box is ideal for smooth surfaces such as a windshield — or even the smooth your laptop as I discovered by accident. However, since a majority of states and provinces have imposed a ban on windshield mounts that can obstruct a driver's vision, iOttie also includes an adhesive pad to attach the mount to the textured surface of your dashboard.

iOttie sure seems to have got mounting phones in cars down to a science.

Once you've mounted the Easy One Touch as you like in your car, using it on a daily basis is as easy and convenient as the name implies. You squeeze the release tabs on the sides of the mount to expand the arms that hold your phone in place, then you simply need to press your phone against the One Touch trigger button on the backplate and the arms automatically snap back in and close securely around your phone. The mount works universally with the biggest phones out there and should accommodate even the bulkiest cases. Once locked in, you're able to easily rotate from portrait to landscape mode or use the telescopic arm to perfectly position your phone so you can follow driving instructions or skip a track in Spotify quickly and safely.

It really is a great car mount — and that's without even factoring in its Qi wireless charging capabilities. iOttie has includes a 12V car adapter and a Micro-USB cable for delivering power to the mount with a LED indicator on the top left corner of the mount showing when your phone is properly charging. The Qi coil on most phones is generally found in the center of the device, and iOttie has set the mounts coil so that it's compatible with the latest Samsung phones such as the Galaxy S8. You can, however, also adjust the mounting foot lower if you find your phone isn't lining up properly due to a bumper or case.

Don't have a phone that supports wireless charging? You can still use a traditional charging cable thanks to the gap in the mounting foot, but you could also opt for the non-Qi charging Easy One Touch 4 which features the same great mount design at a better price without the wireless charging. I thought I might find the design to be a bit cumbersome or cluttered on my dashboard, but it's ended up being a really minor trade-off when compared to how easy it is to use and adjust.

Just remember to always drive safe and keep your eyes on the road!

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