Introducing the Android Central widget

Let's face it, you just can't get enough of us. We understand that. And so without further ado, we bring you the Android Central Widget. It's a simple beast, bringing you the latest headlines from Android Central straight to your home screen. Tap a headline and you're taken to the mobile version of our website. No muss, no fuss. We kept it simple for a reason, folks.

There are two sizes from which you can choose -- a 4x1 horizontal widget, and a 2x2 widget. Just load it up from the Android Market, tap and hold on your home screen and you're ready to go.

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Phil Nickinson
  • Awesome thanks...
  • Cool, thanks! I just downloaded it and I'm using the horizontal widget! Takes up less space. I have a question/assumption... the headlines automatically update on their own? and how often? I don't see any settings for the widget. Thanks!
  • I know i may be in the minority here but would it be possible to get a 4x4 version?
  • Or perhaps a completely customizable widget with all kinds of size dimension combinations. 2x2, 2x3, 2x4, 3x1, 3x2, 3x3, 3x4, 4x1, 4x2, 4x3, 4x4?
  • Market link is no good.
  • D'oh! Knew I forgot to fix something. Try it now.
  • Yes the widget will update automatically not sure what the time is for updating
  • Ok, this is pretty cool. I will probably be switching to Android Central as my main news source now.
  • Awesome app idea. Can't wait to start using it. Would it be completely sacrilegious to make a suggestion? Show a little snippet/preview of the test of the article (an expand option)? That way I can know if I want to dive deeper into the story or not.
  • Must be the millions of people rushing to get it now, but it won't download for me. *sigh*
  • For me it downloads and installs fine, but the widget is only the empty shell for me with no headlines to click through. On HTC Droid Inc...
  • this was my experience as well on the incredible. perhaps its been updated/corrected since i tried it (~2 weeks ago)? i'll give it another try. 'android and me' made a nice widget that works well on this phone
  • Be patient it will load up. I've been using it on DI for awhile.
  • Oh yeah, just didn't know what to expect I big deal.
  • I am seriously on your website ...every single day. You guys rock, and thanks for this widget for on the go days. Icing on the cake :-)
  • Well this nice but I really don't have anymore room for widgets. You guys still don't have auto-forward to mobile site for Android User-Agents - thats real bad given that its the easiest thing to do. I mostly get to your site from your Tweets and which takes forever to load.
  • I already have this but nowi can chose a different size
  • I've been waiting for this since December! This made my day thanks!
  • Sweet goes great with my AC rosie!!!
  • Still an empty shell on the DI....
  • NICE!!!!!
  • I keep getting a "Can't connect to server" error (or something to that effect).