Intel snaps up smart eyewear maker Recon Instruments

Recon Instruments, the company behind a number of wearable heads-up display products, has been acquired by Intel. Recon CEO Dan Eisenhardt says that the company will continue its work under Intel, and that it will use its newly-available resources to expand on things like their developer program, and look at incorporating other technology from around Intel into their products.

From Recon:

  • We'll have the resources to successfully grow. This growth will extend to our developer relations program, which will help us establish and sustain a strong app ecosystem.
  • In addition, we'll have the opportunity to draw from Intel's extensive technology portfolio. As the world's most successful semiconductor company, Intel has valuable technical resources and expertise to bring to the table.

Recon currently sells two Android-powered smart eyewear products. The Jet is an activity-focused pair of smart glasses aimed at runners and cyclists that costs $699, while the Snow2 offers readouts for snowboarders and skiers for $399.

Source: Recon Instruments

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