Dual-core and quad-core 64-bit devices coming in 2014

Mobile World Congress

We're here at Mobile World Congress with Intel where the chip maker has officially announced its new 64-bit processors suitable for Android devices. The two different chips – named Merrifield and Moorefield – will be landing in 2014. Merrifield will be here in the first half, Moorefield will follow in the second half.

Both are 64-bit, with the Merrifield being dual-core and the Moorefield a quad-core. Both support LTE, and both were shown off on stage at the press event in reference devices by Hermann Eul, VP of Mobile and Communications at Intel. Both come with a set of pretty bold, yet not completely unrealistic claims based on previous Intel efforts in mobile.

Energy efficiency and long battery life is one of the top priorities with the new 64-bit processors, while still maintaining a high level of performance. "Stellar graphics" are also promised as is support for "more advanced sensors" without being specific on what they might be.

In the Q&A session, when asked which area of the mobile market each chip is aimed at, the response was clear. Merrifield is capable of powering a high-end Android device, but is perhaps more mainstream. Moorefield "outperforms other CPU's" and is targeted at the top end devices.

Intel powered Android devices have been a bit of a mixed bag thus far, but its battery life claims at least don't go unfounded. On stage Intel pointed out on more than one occasion that it is a "64-bit company," but we'll leave final judgment on how good Merrifield and Moorefield actually are until we see them in devices.