Instapaper app now available on Google Play

While not quite the shocker that having the same Galaxy S III on all carriers, nobody really expected an Instapaper app for Android any time soon. Marco Arment, the creator of the service, has said as much on more than one occasion. Apparently the draw of running on six of every ten smartphones in the world has changed a few things and it's available tonight on Google Play. We'll have to give it a good look over before we pass any judgment, as it has big competition and Android is a whole different ballgame than iOS. Just a tip that you can download and install it tonight if you've been missing it. Grab at it the link below.

Download Instapaper for Android (opens in new tab)

Jerry Hildenbrand
Senior Editor — Google Ecosystem

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  • It was already facing some competition on iOS as it is, The Verge compared it vs Pocket and one other app recently and couldn't really declare a clear cut winner... Some were better at rendering certain pages or had more features, IIRC Instapaper had the cleanest design but that was about it. I'm sure they're all constantly getting updated tho. It's gonna take something substantial for me to switch from Pocket, specially when Instapaper's sole designer has always made it clear Android isn't a priority.
  • Agree completely. Pocket gets the job done well and is has the benefit of being free.
  • I just downloaded flipboard a few adays ago from their site for android (not in the market yet) and it is amazing. How does these apps compare to flipboard?
  • $3 to save web pages for offline reading? This is a joke right? Chrome does that already.
  • My thoughts exactly. I don't mind paying $0.99 or even $1.99, but $2.99+ is a bit ridiculous. Could be worse, the iOS version is $4.99.
  • Hmmm... I'm pretty sure the stock Android browser does this already. For free.
  • Chrome does it for free...I don't think the stock ICS browser does, does it?
  • Now, why exactly do we Android users need this $3 app when pocket is well established for our OS and free to boot?
  • I was wondering the same thing. I've never used instapaper, but I fail to see the excitement. Pocket is great and appears to have much more functionality. And, as many have pointed out, it's free. So you can pay $3 for crap or get a great app for free. Not really a tough decision.
  • Yea screw paying for instapaper. Not gonna happen.
  • Could be good but to be honest the last few iOS -> Android ports have felt just like that: a cheap port with limited functionality, limited device support, and too many quirks.
  • $2.99. Not surprised. Not buying either.
  • I enjoyed using Instapaper for iOS. It was very clean and polished. Then Read It Later rebranded itself as Pocket and I was hooked. After reading the review of Instapaper for Android on The Verge, I'm not sure why people would choose it over Pocket. Instapaper for Android is currently lacking functionality in the iOS version that Pocket currently offers. I'm sure some die hard Instapaper fans that converted to Android from iOS will buy the app, but I'm not sure that it will gain much traction overall.
  • What will happen to Papermill now?
  • After the owner spent plenty of time trashing Android and it's "cheap users", I won't be using it at all.
  • bought it and it's great :) and the owner just mentioned what all of you are confirming. Most Android users: Why should I pay for something that I can also have for free? Most iCrap users: It costs 3 bucks, hm, never mind, I'll give it a try.