So you took advantage of one of the various fire sales and picked up an HP TouchPad. Cool -- when the price is right it's a great tool and a great toy to play with. We know a good many of you guys grabbed one with the full intention of installing Android on the thing, specifically CyanogenMod. We also know it's a good bit different than flashing a zip file through recovery, and not the most user-friendly operation in the world.

The folks over at webOS Nation are here to help. Ryan has gathered all the required tools and information to help you get 'er done, and has one heck of a detailed walk through ready for you to read, read again, ask questions, then try. We know sometimes just listing the steps isn't good enough, and Ryan takes the time to lay it all out and tell you what's going on, which is always a great way to handle tutorials when they have steps that could ruin your hardware.

If you're ready to ditch webOS and install some Ice Cream Sandwich on your TouchPad, give it a look. Those fellows over at webOS Nation know their stuff.

Source: How to install CyanogenMod 9 Android on your TouchPad