Moto G camera

If you've at all been paying attention around here, you know that we're very impressed by the new Moto G. There's a lot there packed into a $200 Android smartphone.

But one of the big questions has to do with the camera. Motorola hasn't really impressed us on that front the past couple of years with its high-end phones. So what should we expect from its mid-ranger? Well, we've been pleasantly surprised. No, it's not as good as the top-shelf offerings that cost $500 more, but then again it shouldn't be.

So the question really is whether the Moto G 2015 camera is going to good enough. This weekend we'll be sharing some of our best shots from this new smartphone on Instagram. And you can get into the action as well. Just tag your photos #motog2015 to share them with us, and the world! You might be surprised just how capable this little phone is. Be sure to follow us on Instagram for more!