Reporting a problem on Instagram is now as easy as shaking your phone

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What you need to know

  • Instagram is testing two new features for Android and iOS users.
  • Shaking one's phone will now open a prompt to report problems with the app.
  • Users will now be able to delete individual images and videos from multi-posts.

Instagram has just announced two new features rolling out to the app, one of which should make users happy, while the other can help them when they're frustrated.

The first is a new carousel deletion feature. This lets users go into posts with multiple images and videos and delete an individual item from the carousel instead of removing the entire post. This can be done from the edit screen after a carousel has been posted. Users will notice a trash icon in the top right corner of an image or video.

Instagram Multi Post Deletion

Source: Instagram (Image credit: Source: Instagram)

You'll still be able to restore the media after you delete it. However, it will be lost forever in the Meta void after 30 days.

Another feature is the new "Rage Shake," which is more or less what it sounds like. If you're having problems with the app or notice bugs, you can shake your phone in a fit (being careful not to launch it from your hand, of course), and the app will bring up a prompt to report a problem.

You can see how the feature works below, as demonstrated by Instagram head Adam Mosseri:

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Mosseri notes that deleting individual items from a multi-post has long been a feature that users have asked for. However, while Instagram users on iPhone and the best Android phones can use "Rage Shake," Android users will have to wait a little longer before the carousel deletion feature arrives on the platform.

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